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weeween Srl based in Rome, Italy
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Weeween is a "Made in Italy" brand
born from the emotion transmitted by the aeronautical world
and exists
to inspire that same emotion to his fans.

Its activity consists of:


asso weeween
We are proud to build the Italian Asso Series:
the Ultralight Aircrafts designed by the legendary Giuseppe "Bepi" Vidor.

Asso V Champion, Asso X-Ray and Asso X Jewel
are the most remarkable low-wing models of the Asso Series:
good flexibility, optimal range, high speed cruise and assured travel comfort.

V Champion
 X - Ray 
X Jewel
Speed Cruise 265 kmh

1.100 km

4.0 m/s

Fixed /

2 side by side
280 kmh

1.250 km

4.0 m/s

Fixed /

2 side by side
300 kmh

1.300 km

4.6 m/s


2 in tandem
Rate of Climb

Focused on define details we definitely excel in building the Asso.
Also we can improve them and personalise them as you desire.

Describe us how you image your Asso to info@weeween.com
and we shall build it for you!

project weeween

We are able to build and assemble
your Ulm or even a single component of it
exactly as represented in your project.

Challenge us with your project idea by sending it to
and you will receive our quote.


grafene weeween

We are the first on the market that use Graphene
in the aircraft painting and coating components.

The result is to make 
treated surfaces more protected,
waterproof and resistant to weathering, corrosion
and chemical attack.


A derivative of graphite, composed of a single layer
hexagonal arranged carbon atoms.

A futuristic nanotechnology material for
its revolutionary properties:
flexible, ultrathin, easily and at the same time
very good electrical and thermal conductor
as well as resistant as diamond.

X-RAY EXAMINATION                        
raggi x weeween

We perform professionally X-Ray inspection for parts
assembled by us and damaged parts; this analysis allows us
to check substructure, tightness and functionality.

We have the most advanced scanning technology to ensure
maximum quality and transparency.



laser weeween

We use the Laser machine for cutting plywood and
for metal engraving.

This system allows us to do 
the highest precision, fast and clean job.


ricambi weeween
We meticulously build any spare part you need for your aircraft.

Share us to
the identity of the missing spare part
and we shall offer you a concrete solution for it.

With us your Ulm gets back "in good shape" in no time!



riparazioni weeween
We successfully fix any type of Ulm broken part.
Write us to td@weeween.com and we ensure you our best quote.

If, by chance, the Ulm part to be fixed cannot be repaired
we can surely give you valid alternatives for replacing it.
(see section above: Ulm Spare Parts)


prodotti weeween
The material you need, we might have it.
Contact us!


other weeween
We are still thinking, but we are opened to any suggestion!


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